About Us

From our beginning Elite Pharmacaps has incorporated cutting-edge technologies, high-quality materials and inspired business practices to distinguish us from our competitors. We have established an industry-wide reputation for our ability to provide excellent contract manufacturing that meets critical timelines and exceeds customer expectations.

Our personalized services and custom manufacturing capabilities allow us to work within a wide range of production needs. As a certified organic manufacturer we are proud to uphold the high standards and values of our partners.

We recognize that each partnership is unique and we believe that quality  and professionalism are paramount. We look forward to working with you to assess your needs. Together we can design a production schedule that begins with your vision and ends in success.

Quality Materials

To make superior products you must start with superior materials. From our beginning Prime Nutrisource has been known for our excellence in sourcing and distributing high-quality raw materials. Today, we are proud to offer our industry partners over 450 in-stock raw materials.

High Standard Manufacturing

In 2004 Nugale pharmaceuitical acquired our Good Manufacturing Practice and Manufacturing Site License allowing us to begin production on a range of tablet, capsule, and softgel products. Based on our growth and successes, in 2009 production was moved to our current 50,000 square-foot facility allowing us to expand our products and services.

Our facilities are state-of-the-art and meet the OTC and pharmaceutical requirements outlined by Health Canada. Currently our manufacturing capabilities include:

Custom softgel
2 piece hardshell capsule
Liquid fill products

Superior Products and Services

In addition to our custom manufacturing capabilities, Elite Pharmacaps also offers a wide range of turnkey products, packaging solutions, and services to assist with new product development.


Some Products

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